PollenTEC Screen Material

A PollenTEC screen can be custom fit to just about any screen door or window. Wesco Screen Company will take care of everything, from coming to your home to measure your windows and doors, to full installation of the final product.

Read More If you suffer from allergies, you might not be opening your windows and doors during pollen season to let in fresh air. You might be using an air conditioner, instead, to stay cool in warm weather. Wesco Screen Company is proud to offer a solution. We can install pollen screens from PollenTEC in lieu of conventional screen material in most windows and doors. PollenTEC screens keep out up to 100% of pollen. Allergy sufferers can breathe easier, even during pollen season.
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pollentec3What Is PollenTEC?

PollenTEC is a newly developed screen material that allows fresh air to flow in, while filtering out up to 100% of air borne pollens. Available for both doors and windows, PollenTEC screens significantly reduce the amount of dust and other particulate matter entering your home.

Distribution in North America was launched in 2008 with great success. PollenTEC won the 2009 Crystal Achievement Award from Window and Door magazine for the most innovative window component. Certified and hospital tested by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), the testing results verified that 100% of grass pollens, 99.71% of Birch pollen, 93.1% of Stinging Nettle-pollen and 90.9% of Ragweed pollen were captured.

Satisfied Customers

We recently used the services of Wesco Screens to order a screen door for our front entry.  It was a complicated project. James designed a beautiful custom door that more than met our expectations.  His installer was masterful. James was attentive, thoughtful and involved during the entire process.  It was wonderful and reassuring to have such a skilled, attentive and professional vendor handling our project. I would highly recommend Wesco!

~ Jan J.

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When you need a pollen screen to help manage your allergies, Wesco Screen Company offers the perfect solution with PollenTEC. We invite you to contact us to learn more at: 415-453-8722, or drop by our San Rafael showroom.